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Bleak day for jobless in South Australia

Apr 13, 2017

Corey Wingard MP
Shadow Minister for Industry
Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing


Bleak day for jobless in South Australia

The Weatherill Government’s failed energy policies have short-circuited the South Australian economy in the process driving the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 7.0 per cent.

“The Weatherill Government’s jobs killing policies are nothing short of disgraceful,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

“It is alarming the surge in unemployment in South Australia has pushed the state’s unemployment rate to 1.1 per cent above the national rate of 5.9 per cent.

“The combination of skyrocketing electricity prices, punishing water prices and the massive increases in the ESL tax are killing job creation in South Australia.

“Today’s ABS figures show the number of full-time jobs in the South Australian economy has fallen during the past 12 months whilst the number of unemployed has risen during the same period.

“It is particularly concerning that youth unemployment (15-24 year olds) is running at 17.3 per cent in South Australia, up from 16.1 per cent during the previous month, and way above the national average of 14.2 per cent.

“South Australia’s damaged jobs market is driving many young South Australians interstate in search of employment and condemning many of those who stay to the dole.

“South Australians have little confidence in this tired and lazy Labor Government that has delivered the nation’s highest trend unemployment rate for the last 28 months.

“The Weatherill Government has drained household budgets of money to spend in the local economy which has reduced the amount of work in South Australia.

The Weatherill Government’s punitive tax policies have left South Australia with a 17.3 per cent underutilisation rate, the highest in the nation and way above the national average of 14.7 per cent.

“There are now more than 150,000 South Australians who are either unemployed or underemployed – that figure is totally unacceptable.” 



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