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Treasurer’s Sergeant Schulz defense comes unstuck

Sep 06, 2016

Stephan Knoll MP
Labor Waste Watch Spokesperson
Treasurer’s Sergeant Schulz defense comes unstuck

Liberal Spokesman Stephan Knoll has labelled the Treasurer’s statement on the potential privatisation of SA Water as implausible as there are multiple ways that the Treasurer could and should have been told about these reports.
The Advertiser reported yesterday that:
Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said the study was undertaken without his permission or knowledge…..                                                                     (The Advertiser 05/09/2016)
“It has been practice since at least 2007 for the Minister to have a representative on the SA Water board,” said Mr Knoll. 
“For the Treasurer to now suggest that he didn’t know what the board was doing shows that at best he was being misinformed by the board (and his representative on it) or at worst he is not being honest with South Australians because he has something to hide.”
In 2015 the Minister’s representative to the SA Water Board was present at all but two monthly meetings. The two reports entitled Alternative Business Models and Disaggregation and Outsourcing were completed in December 2014 and March 2015 respectively.
“The Minister had his own representative present at the board meetings directly around and after these reports were finished. They were obviously discussed so how was the Minister not informed that this work was being undertaken?” asked Mr Knoll.
12/02/2015                Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative present
12/03/2015                Andrew Cadd, Treasurer’s Representative present
09/04/2015                Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative present
14/05/2015                Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative present
11/06/2015                Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative apologies
09/07/2015                Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative present
13/08/2015                Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative apologies
04/09/2015                 Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative present
08/10/2015                 Darren Jones, Treasurer’s Representative present
12/11/2015                Monique Barns, Treasurer’s Representative present
10/12/2015                Monique Barns, Treasurer’s Representative present




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