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Crunch time for Labor to support tough new anti-drug laws

Sep 18, 2015

Vincent Tarzia MP
Member for Hartley
Crunch time for Labor to support tough new anti-drug laws

 Liberal Member for Hartley, Vincent Tarzia, is pressuring the Weatherill Labor Government to support a bill that would allow easier prosecutions for drug traffickers.
The Controlled Substances (Commercial Offences) Amendment Bill 2015 allows the courts to sentence drug traffickers and manufacturers for their entire offending over a long period of time which is typical for these types of offences.
As the law currently stands, an offender can only be sentenced to prison based on a specific instance of offending, not the totality of their offending.
The implementation of similar laws is a recommendation from the South Australian Supreme Court and would likely see increased sentences for serious criminals convicted of drug offences.
“The effect of the bill will allow for more efficient prosecutions of serious drug offenders, many of whom are involved in organized crime,” said Mr Tarzia.
“Jay Weatherill and John Rau have spoken time and again about how tough they are on organised crime and outlaw bikie gangs. This is an opportunity for them to show the South Australian public that they are serious about tackling crime.
“Even with all his resources, Attorney-General Rau has sat on this recommendation from the Supreme Court for over a year.
“Drugs are a scourge on our society and we need to be tougher and smarter on drug crime.
“It is common sense law reform which must be supported by the Weatherill Labor Government.”



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