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Pederick introduces Finn’s Law into Parliament

Aug 07, 2014

 Adrian Pederick MP
Member for Hammond

Pederick introduces Finn’s Law into Parliament

Liberal Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, has today introduced a Private Member’s Bill in State Parliament to amend the Statutes Amendment (Rights of Foster Parents and Guardians) Bill 2014.
This Bill, more commonly known as “Finn’s Law”, gives foster parents the opportunity to be recognised on the death certificate if a child dies in their care and gives them the opportunity to be involved in their funeral arrangements.
In March 2014 Monica Perrett’s nephew Finn was placed under the Guardianship of the Minister until the age of 18 years and under the 100 per cent care of Monica and her husband, Nathan.
The current legislation states that only the biological parents are provided with the rights of the child including details such as reason for passing and funeral arrangements.
Mrs Perrett was denied any information about her foster son Finn’s passing as she was not the biological mother.
Mrs Perrett presented a petition to the Minister for Education and Child Development with approximately 38,000 signatures backing her attempt to convince the Weatherill Labor Government to change procedures when a child in foster care dies.
In June 2014, Mrs Perrett secured commitments from the Minister for Education and Child Development and the Premier of South Australia to review the changes she has campaigned for on behalf of all foster parents.
Since that meeting there has been no contact made with Mrs Perrett in reference to their promises.
“The State Liberals have taken up Mrs Perrett’s cause,” said Mr Pederick.
“I urge the Weatherill Labor Government to support this Bill to give loving and caring foster parents and guardians the rights they deserve where applicable.”
Mr Pederick presented the Bill to Parliament on the three month anniversary of Finn’s death.



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