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Tom the butcher takes knife to jobs training

Jul 12, 2016

 In another blow to South Australians looking for work the State Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has sliced $57 million from funding for skills and training programs in his self-proclaimed “jobs budget”.

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Liberals offer solution to bikes on footpaths

May 26, 2016

The State Liberals will today introduce amendments to the Road Traffic Act 1961 and the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 into State Parliament.

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Water Minister upstream without a paddle

May 23, 2016

The State Liberals have accused Water Minister Ian Hunter of being in complete denial about the extent of the problems engulfing South Australia’s ageing system of water mains.

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Liberals offer solution to bikes on footpaths

May 13, 2016

The State Liberals will bring amendments to the Road Traffic Act 1961 and the MotorVehicles Act 1959 to the Local Government Association’s safe cycling round table for discussion.

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Labor warned about Seaford line power failure

Apr 29, 2016

 Commuter chaos and a lack of ministerial accountability continues to plague Adelaide’s transport network as Seaford line train services continue to be disrupted for the second day in a row. 

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MIA Mullighan should offer compensation

Apr 29, 2016

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan needs to explain why the Seaford railway line shut down yesterday morning, remains out of action 24 hours later and how he is intending to compensate passengers left stranded by the latest shutdown of the Seaford line.

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SA Water moves to end water torture

Mar 16, 2016

 The State Liberals have welcomed news that SA Water has finally recognised it needs to compensate the victims of burst water pipes.

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New bus jobs should stay in SA

Mar 15, 2016

 The State Liberals have called on the Weatherill Labor Government to prioritise jobs for South Australians when deciding on the new contractor to supply buses for Adelaide’s public transport network.

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Another burst water main

Mar 10, 2016

 The Weatherill Government’s repeated assertion there are no problems with South Australia’s ageing water mains system has been undermined by yet another burst pipe leading to traffic restrictions on Hampstead Road.

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Removal of helmet ban a win for motorcyclists

Mar 08, 2016

 The State Liberals have welcomed the Labor Government’s policy backflip in finally allowing European Standard (ECE22.05) helmets to be used in South Australia.

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