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Dead phone battery set to be a thing of the past

Mar 16, 2017

Steven Marshall MP
State Liberal Leader
David Pisoni MP
Shadow Minster for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Dead phone battery set to be a thing of the past 

The State Liberals have today announced a $100,000 commitment to install mobile phone charging units at train stations across metropolitan Adelaide.

A trial of 10 solar-powered phone charging units will be rolled out at suburban train stations, allowing passengers to charge their mobile phones while waiting for their train.

“Installing these phone charging units at train stations is an innovative use of solar energy to enable people to charge their phone while they wait for the train,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Running out of battery can be a real annoyance, so having these charging facilities at train stations will offer more convenience as people increasingly use their devices for work.

“A mobile phone charging unit located at a train station will also be an additional safety measure for children who can charge their phone in order to contact a family member.”

Battery-powered phone charging units are currently available in Australia and are often used at music festivals, in casinos and bars, and at airports.

“The solar-powered charging units that will be installed at the 10 trial sites allow up to six different mobile devices to be charged at one time,” said Shadow Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni.

“These units have replaceable, rechargeable lithium batteries which ensure they are powered even when the sun isn’t shining.

“Hard-wired charging stations could also be installed at Adelaide Railway Station.

“At an estimated cost of between $5,000 and $8,000 per unit, to be funded out of existing resources, this is a modest investment which will achieve an innovative solution to a modern problem.”




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