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Protecting public transport passengers

Apr 11, 2017

David Pisoni MP
Shadow Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Protecting public transport passengers

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Government to suspend its month long blitz on jay walking in the city and re-direct police resources into protecting passengers and drivers on the public transport system.

“The recent attacks on bus drivers highlight the need for a much stronger police presence on our public transport system,” said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.

“I’m calling for a police blitz on criminal behaviour on buses, trains and trams beginning tonight to reassure the travelling public and transport workers that there is a genuine effort to protect them from threats of violence and intimidation.

“I’m at a loss to understand why the Weatherill Government thinks jay walking is more worthy of a police blitz than violence on our public transport system.

“Fining mums and dads shopping in the city for skipping across the road when there is no danger to them or anyone else should be at the bottom of the list of Government priorities.

“The Weatherill Government has a poor record when it comes to providing adequate levels of police protection for passengers on public transport.

“The Weatherill Government has cut the number of Transit Police from 114 before the last State election to just 97 at the end of last year.

“So embarrassed is the Weatherill Government about the number of Transit Police that it won’t even tell South Australians how many Transit Police were on duty last New Year’s Eve.”

Freedom of Information documents also show a significant increase in the number of arrests on public transport last year despite the low number of Transit Police protecting the public.

Those documents show there were 1088 arrests on public transport in 2016, up by 114 on the previous year.

“Illicit drug offences on public transport also increased by a staggering 65 per cent in 2016, which is hardly going to encourage decent, law-abiding commuters onto the network,” said Mr Pisoni.

“There was a sharp rise from 50 weapons offences in 2015 to 75 weapons offences in 2016, leaving Labor’s promise to deliver a safer public transport system in tatters.”




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