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International Wheelchair Day

Feb 29, 2016

 Duncan McFetridge MP
Shadow Minister for Disabilities
International Wheelchair Day

International Wheelchair Day marks the day of celebration where people all around the world can acknowledge the valuable contribution that people living with a disability make to their local communities.
Dr Duncan McFetridge MP, Shadow Minister for Disabilities, said that this year marked the ninth year that the International Wheelchair Day was celebrated since it was launched in 2008.
“There are millions of people around the world and many in our own local communities who need to use a wheelchair every day. The use of a wheelchair enables people to be more mobile and more active contributors within their families and their community, and today is a day to celebrate that,” said Dr McFetridge.
“It is also time to reflect and raise community awareness about what can be done in our own local communities to make spaces more disability friendly.
“Communities are slowly providing greater access for those with disabilities, but we have a long way to go to address the challenges that people with disabilities and the aged continue to face every day.
“For those working in offices, think about whether your workplace can be become a Disability Friendly Office like my office in Glenelg.
“Individuals might also want to support disability friendly projects in their local area, such as David Speirs, the Member for Bright, who successfully campaigned for the state’s first wheelchair-accessible beach at Seacliff,” said Dr McFetridge.



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