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Isobel Redmond MP

Weatherill’s Budget a false economy

Jun 18, 2012

The Weatherill Labor Government has been warned not to pin South Australia’s economic hopes on a mining boom in a new report from the SA Centre for Economic Studies (SACES).

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Hope you weren’t counting on drinking clean water this year

Jun 07, 2012

While South Australians are paying skyrocketing water prices the Government has decided to slash funding of the Water Quality Management program despite the Government's own data showing water quality incidents have risen. 

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Labor's Budget puts the brakes on employment

Jun 04, 2012

Changes to payroll tax exemptions for apprentices and trainees in last week's State Budget are putting a further strain on South Australian businesses and are a real threat to jobs.

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Labor’s Budget adds to family pain

Jun 01, 2012

Families will be forced to bear the cost of Weatherill-Labor’s State Budget, including its record deficit and record debt, through increased cost of living.

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Labor’s Budget Mess: Biggest Deficit, Biggest Debt, BIG PROBLEMS

May 31, 2012

After a decade of Labor waste, the Weatherill Labor Government will deliver the biggest deficit and the biggest debt in South Australia’s history.

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Government short on ideas, lost on solutions

May 31, 2012

The Budget lead up has been characterised by a series of embarrassing back-flips and concessions to Liberal party policy.

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Premier’s political game play exposed

May 30, 2012

Premier Weatherill has been caught out playing politics over the Murray Darling Basin Authority's draft water plan.

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Another Weatherill broken promise

May 29, 2012

While Labor budgets a paltry $2 million per year to turn around South Australia’s manufacturing sector, it is simultaneously cutting the payroll tax deductibility for companies and small businesses employing trainees and apprentices. 

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It’s pure water politics

May 28, 2012

Mr Weatherill’s talk of pursuing a High Court challenge against the Murray Darling Basin Plan is more about getting votes than getting a better outcome for South Australia. 

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ICAC delays continue

May 26, 2012

The Weatherill Labor Government has failed to deliver on its promise to have an ICAC up and running by 1 July 2012.

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