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BHP Billiton puts up, Labor backs down (again)

Nov 13, 2012

Isobel Redmond MP

Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for the Arts, Multicultural Affairs and Road Safety

BHP Billiton puts up, Labor backs down (again)

Today’s announcement that BHP has sought and has been granted a 46 month extension for the Olympic Dam expansion is good news for South Australia.
However, it demonstrates again that while the Weatherill Labor Government can talk the talk, it cannot walk the walk.
Earlier this year, Premier Weatherill and his Ministers threatened not to extend the Olympic Dam expansion indenture:
“We don’t believe there is a basis for an extension of the indenture arrangements.”
(Premier Weatherill, 891ABC, 01/08/12)
“I will not be granting an extension…I don’t bluff.”
(Minister Koutsantonis, Australian Financial Review, 29/05/2012)
“I think the State would be very, very reluctant to give them an extension.”

(Treasurer Snelling, 5AA, 02/08/12)
“Today, we have seen yet another astonishing backflip from the Weatherill Labor Government,” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said.
“The State Liberals have always been supportive of Olympic Dam and are committed to continuing to work with BHP Billiton to ensure that the best outcome for the Olympic Dam project is reached. We look forward to receiving our briefing on this issue in the next week.
“A Redmond Liberal Government will do everything it can not only to assist BHP with its future projects in South Australia, but to create an economic environment where industries, such as mining, can feel confident to expand and invest in our great state.”



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