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Another day, more Labor delay

Nov 25, 2012

Isobel Redmond MP
Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for the Arts, Multicultural Affairs and Road Safety

Hon Stephen Wade MLC
Shadow Attorney General

Another day, more Labor delay

The Weatherill Labor Government is on the cusp of breaking its commitment to an independent ICAC, dismissing sensible compromises put forward by Opposition and Independent MP’s.

“The Weatherill Labor Government seems to think that independence is an optional extra for the independent commission against corruption,” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond.

“One of Premier Weatherill’s first media statements as Premier was entitled SA to have fully independent anti-corruption body and committed to “introduce an Independent Commission Against Corruption with clearer independence…” (24 October 2012). The Government’s position makes clear that it is not serious about honouring their belated promise.

“This Labor Government has persistently made every excuse possible as to why it can’t have an ICAC.

“It appears the Premier is now using the ‘Foley tactic’ – lower expectations so that it’s less of a shock when the Government doesn’t deliver.

“It’s the same old tune from the same old Labor Government. New Premier – same deal.

“Ideally South Australia would have had an ICAC five years ago when I announced the Liberal Party’s commitment to a commission.”

“The Liberal Party remains committed to introduce a full-blooded, funded ICAC that will restore public confidence after a decade of Labor,” Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade said.

“We’d rather not wait until 2014 to deliver on our promise. However, it appears the Weatherill Labor Government is preparing to break theirs.



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