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Commuter chaos continues as temps soar and South Australians head back to work

Jan 07, 2013

Isobel Redmond MP
Leader of the Opposition
Duncan McFetridge MP
Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

Commuter chaos continues as temps soar and South Australians head back to work

With more South Australians heading back to work today and temperatures this week expected to remain high, commuters are still faced with sub-standard substitute buses.
“We believe that this is not good enough and that’s why we’re calling on the Government to tell South Australians about the options they investigated during their ‘planning’ process to account for days of extreme hot weather,” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said. 
“If there was any sort of proper planning process, surely options of how to manage days of extreme heat would have been discussed and surely, handing out water and fans must not have been the only option.”
“As if no air conditioning on buses in the middle of summer isn’t bad enough, we’ve also heard reports of buses going on the wrong routes, buses not being able to navigate roundabouts and tight curves in the southern suburbs, buses breaking down and buses struggling to get up hills,” Shadow Transport Minister Duncan McFetridge said.
“People can forgive a little bit of inconvenience, but not incompetence.
“This month, Adelaide hosts a number of events that will attract interstate and international visitors, including the Tour Down Under, Big Day Out, Schutzenfest, Australia Day celebrations and an international cricket match.

“We don’t want visitors to remember Adelaide as the place with sub-standard transport conditions – this is 2013, not 1913.
“For this Government to simply shrug its shoulders and say that commuters must put up with these conditions is just not good enough.
“After 10 years of this Labor Government, South Australians deserve better.”



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