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Conlon caves in so commuters can keep their cool

Jan 09, 2013


Isobel Redmond MP
Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for the Arts, Multicultural Affairs and Road Safety
Conlon caves in so commuters can keep their cool
Thousands of Adelaide commuters will now be able to travel on air-conditioned substitute buses after Transport Minister Pat Conlon caved in to mounting pressure over Labor’s botch-up of its substitute bus service.
“It took significant media coverage, a union meeting and the threat of industrial action for the Government to realise that this was actually a serious problem,” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said.
While Labor’s backflip is a victory for the travelling public, it still comes with a catch as the cooler buses will only operate between 4-6pm on weeknights and will not include the North Adelaide route.
“Hopefully this will provide some comfort for commuters, but the real question is why the Government couldn’t have done this in the first place,” Ms Redmond said.
“If the Government is able to find some air conditioned substitute buses now, why couldn’t it have used them earlier?
“It just confirms that there was no proper planning done by this Government in the months leading up to the closure of the Adelaide Railway Station.
“The Government knew the station was going to be closed for a month, it knew that this would be happening during one of the hottest months of the year and yet it failed to consider the impact of using non-air conditioned substitute buses on commuters and bus drivers.
“It really is just total incompetence from this Government, which has demonstrated a complete lack of understanding or empathy for bus drivers and commuters.”



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