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Scammers always active

Mar 20, 2012

Mark Goldsworthy MP

Shadow Minister for State/Local Government Relations
Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs
Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Scammers always active

Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs, Mark Goldsworthy, has warned South Australians to remain vigilant to scammers.

As scammers keep pace with technology, they are deceiving unsuspecting people in new and different ways using mobile phones and email.

“The old adage ‘when something sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true’, is very relevant to scammers,” Mr Goldsworthy said.

“I have received numerous calls from people giving examples of scams currently operating and received a scam email at my Electorate Office just last week.

“What concerns me is that cost of living pressures on South Australian families under Labor may lead to some people being attracted to the ‘prizes’ offered by scammers.

“Of course, the ‘money’ or ‘prizes’ on offer are simply a device used by the scammers to scam honest people out of their money.

“I remind South Australians not to give out their personal details or bank account details to any organisation they are unsure about.

“Don’t be pressured into making a decision on the spot either – ask for more information or conduct your own research and ask to call the organisation back.

“I also encourage South Australians to visit the scam watch website – – for up-to-date information about current scams in operation and to report a suspected scam.

“I’m happy to forward information onto people who do not have access to the internet and I’m also happy for any South Australians affected by any scams to contact my Electorate Office.”



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