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Residential Tenancies Tribunal problems after 10 years of Labor mismanagement

May 03, 2012

Mark Goldsworthy MP

Shadow Minister for State/Local Government Relations
Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs
Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Residential Tenancies Tribunal problems after 10 years of Labor mismanagement

The Residential Tenancies Tribunal is struggling to provide a satisfactory level of services to South Australians after 10 years of Labor Government mismanagement.

“Lengthy delays at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal (RTT) in processing unpaid rent and the refunding of bonds are the types of concerns that South Australians have raised with me,” Shadow Consumer Affairs Minister Mark Goldsworthy said.

“Not only are these delays extremely frustrating for South Australians and the real estate industry, but they are hitting Mum and Dad investors hard in their hip-pockets.”

In a media interview this morning, Consumer Affairs Minister Rau confirmed that the performance of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal was poor.

Labor has undertaken structural reform merging the previous Office for Consumer and Business Affairs with the Office of Commissioner for Licencing and Gambling into the office for Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

“This was a recommendation from the Sustainable Budget Commission, but it has clearly not worked,” Mr Goldsworthy said.

“The whole performance of the CBS Office is struggling.  

“The proposed reforms within Minister Rau’s discussion paper have been a long time coming and I hope that this is not used as a smoke screen to hide the ongoing problems with the performance of the RTT that Minister Rau has total responsibility for.”

Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond pledged a number of weeks ago to reform the Residential Tenancies Tribunal Act if elected in March 2014, in full consultation with industry groups.



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