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Libs move amendments to protect CFS volunteers

Jun 19, 2013

Mitch Williams MP

Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Treasurer
Libs move amendments to protect CFS volunteers
The State Liberals believe that CFS volunteers should have the same access to compensation for specified cancers as full-time fire-fighters.  
“The State Liberals will support CFS Volunteers,” said Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Treasurer Mitch Williams.  
“Premier Weatherill has abandoned the 14,500 volunteer fire-fighters we have in South Australia.
“Cancer doesn’t distinguish between a paid fire fighter and a volunteer fire fighter and that is why a Marshall Liberal Government would provide the same system for both.
“We recognize that CFS volunteers may well face a level of exposure to potential health risks, especially in peri-urban areas, which is not significantly different to full time fire-fighters.
“The proposal being put forward by the Government is to change the onus of proof for MFS workers who are seeking workers compensation for certain cancers.  
“This means that WorkCover would still have the opportunity to appeal against the compensation for a fire-fighter who contracts one of the nominated cancers if they believe that the evidence was that their fire fighting didn’t contribute to their cancer.  
“We think it is outrageous that the Weatherill Labor Government would devalue the role of volunteers, as shown by their callous approach to this issue.  
“We do not accept that CFS volunteers are immune to the hazards identified with fire fighting simply because they are volunteers. 
“The State Liberals recognise the significant contribution of CFS volunteers to our State and will take the necessary steps to ensure that they are afforded the same rights as their professional counterparts.  
“We will draft and move amendments to the Weatherill Labor Government’s legislation to support our CFS.”  



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