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SA Liberals move to ease power pressures

Aug 07, 2012

Isobel Redmond MP

Leader of the Opposition

Mitch Williams MP

Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources Development

SA Liberals move to ease power pressures

The South Australian Liberal Opposition is working hard to find real solutions to rising electricity costs and to provide relief for householders from the ever-increasing cost of living.

“I can today announce that I will be taking a paper to the State Liberal Party Room suggesting that the Liberal Party in Government would remove these exit fees for customers wanting to break their electricity contract should a retailer put up their prices above any regulated increase,” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said.

“While South Australia does have one of the most competitive electricity markets, householders still have to pay exit fees if they want to break their retail contracts when their retailers put up prices above regulated increases.” 

“While Labor is busy pointing fingers at each other, the Australian Energy regulator has reported that wholesale electricity prices in South Australia were unexpectedly high in the week following the introduction of the Carbon Tax,” Shadow Minister for Energy Mitch Williams said.   

“There have been suggestions around for some time that generators are, from time to time, taking advantage of market conditions to increase electricity prices well above those expected by the energy regulator.

“If generators are unduly increasing prices then obviously something is very wrong and if the system is not working, what is the Government doing to make it work?”  



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