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Weatherill-Labor must deliver on electricity savings

Oct 02, 2012

Mitch Williams MP

Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for Water and the River Murray
Shadow Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources Development

ESCOSA report – what about everybody else?

The Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) has the power to set the standing contract price for electricity in South Australia. 

About 25 per cent of South Australian householders purchase their electricity on the standing contract. If ESCOSA makes a determination to lower the standing contract price, those households will benefit. 

The other 75 per cent of households purchase their electricity through a market contract, at a price over which ESCOSA has no power. These households may not see any change in their electricity price as a result of any price determination made by ESCOSA over the standing contract.

“I am calling on the Government to ensure that retailers in the South Australian market place do the right thing by their customers if ESCOSA adjusts to the standing price downwards in its determination later this year,” Shadow Energy Minister Mitch Williams said.

“South Australian households are facing cost of living pressures due to rising utility costs. Let’s not forget Labor’s policies at the state and federal level this year alone have added $260 to the average household electricity bill ($110 for the Feed In Tariff Scheme in South Australia and $150 for the Carbon Tax).

“It was the Labor Party who promised cheaper electricity to South Australians but we have never seen electricity prices increase as much as they have in the last few years and much of this price impost is directly related to bad Labor Government policies.

“ESCOSA has found that wholesale electricity prices in South Australia have fallen due to decreasing demand. While this will hopefully bring some relief to South Australian households, it does point to declining economic activity in our state, particularly in our manufacturing sector. 

“The Liberal Opposition has already given notice in Parliament of legislation which will abolish exit fees to increase competition in the market place. Again the Labor Government has been caught asleep at the wheel whilst consumers keep getting attacked by higher electricity prices.”



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