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Gago can’t see the wood for the trees

Feb 17, 2012

Hon John Dawkins MLC

Opposition Whip in the Legislative Council
Shadow Cabinet Secretary
Joint Liberal Party Secretary

Adrian Pederick MP

Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
Shadow Minister for Forests

Gago can’t see the wood for the trees

Forests Minister Gail Gago has been caught out admitting she is unaware that her portfolio includes responsibility for more than 25,000 hectares of native forest.

Most of this huge native forest reserve is in the South-East.

When questioned by Liberal MLC John Dawkins in Parliament yesterday about the Labor Government’s management and fire control strategy for the native forest once the sale of adjacent forward rotations is completed, the Minister was unable to provide any answer.

“The native forest reserve owned by Forestry SA in the South-East exceeds the native vegetation in that region’s national parks,” Mr Dawkins said.

“Astoundingly, the Minister was unaware of its existence.”

“This is a Minister who is in the process of forward selling three rotations of pine forests and yet has no idea of the native forest under her control,” Shadow Minister for Forests Adrian Pederick said.



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