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It’s time to get serious about anti-violence public awareness

Jan 27, 2012

Hon John Dawkins MLC

Opposition Whip in the Legislative Council
Shadow Cabinet Secretary
Joint Liberal Party Secretary

It’s time to get serious about anti-violence public awareness

The Weatherill Labor Government must invest in essential programs to promote anti-violence public awareness.

On Australia Day, dedicated anti-violence advocate and Liberal Member of the Legislative Council, John Dawkins, is calling on the State Labor Government to start providing adequate resources to fund the development of a comprehensive campaign to highlight this ever-worsening issue to the public.

Last year Mr Dawkins successfully moved a motion in the Legislative Council stating the Parliament;

‘Urges the Labor government to implement a public awareness campaign targeting all forms of youth violence modelled on the One Punch Can Kill or Step Back Think campaigns operating in Queensland and Victoria.’

This motion was supported by everyone except Labor.

“State Governments around the country are realising the importance of getting out the anti-violence message, with their campaigns generating real results from the substantial funding they’re receiving,” Mr Dawkins said.

“On the other hand, South Australia is throwing good money after bad at campaigns such as ‘Drink too much, it gets ugly’, which are failing to have an impact on the issues. These funds could be used to greater affect if only the State Labor Government would consult with groups like the Sammy D Foundation, who know the issues firsthand and already have strategies to combat them.

“As a State with real violence problems, South Australia is falling behind its eastern state counterparts who are making a real difference to the problem with their professional, multi-faceted and well funded anti-violence campaigns.

“I call on the State Government to refocus their campaign so they target the real issue and engage with groups like the Sammy D Foundation, who are already doing outstanding work.

“It is also crucial that we get the message out there that one punch can actually kill.

“At this time of year, I encourage people to be patriotic, have fun and celebrate all this country has to offer, but do it in a sensible and careful way so everyone can enjoy the celebrations.”



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