The Liberal Party

The SA Liberals are an energetic team that work to deliver the best outcomes for the people of South Australia.

SA Liberal

Australian Liberalism holds that individual people matter most, that the family is the most fundamental institution for development of the individual, that strong civil society is the most effective way to advance shared community interests and values, and that government exists to serve the people and not the reverse.

We believe in preserving your freedoms and the Australian way of life:

  • We believe in Australia, its people and its future.
  • We believe in the innate worth of the individual, in the right to be independent, to own property and to achieve, and in the need to encourage initiative and personal responsibility.
  • We believe in the basic freedoms of thought, worship, speech, association and choice.
  • We believe in equality of opportunity, with all Australians having the opportunity to reach their full potential in a tolerant national community.
  • We believe in a just and humane society, where those who cannot provide for themselves can live in dignity.
  • We believe in the family as the primary institution for fostering the values on which a cohesive society is built.
  • We believe in the creation of wealth and in competitive enterprise, consumer choice and reward for effort as the proven means of providing prosperity for all Australians.
  • We believe in the principle of mutual obligation, whereby those in receipt of government benefits make some form of contribution to the community in return, where this is appropriate.
  • We believe in the importance of voluntary effort and voluntary organizations such as clubs, associations, charities and community groups.
  • We believe in parliamentary democracy as the best system for the expression and fulfillment of the aspirations of a free people.
  • We believe in the separation and distribution of powers as the best protection for the democratic process.
  • We believe in a federal system of government and the decentralization of power, with local decisions being made at the local level.
  • We believe in a constitutional head of state as a symbol of unity and continuity.
  • We believe in government being sufficiently responsive so that it can meet its proper obligations to its citizens.
  • We believe in government keeping to its core business and not competing with the private sector.
  • We believe in the rule of law and justice, giving all citizens equal rights under the law, responsibilities to maintain it, and the freedom to change it.
  • We believe in Australia playing a constructive role in the pursuit and maintenance of international peace in alliance with other free nations and in assisting less advantaged peoples.
  • We believe in Liberalism, with its emphasis on the individual and enterprise, as the political philosophy best able to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

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