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stand for.

Peter Dutton

"We aren’t the Moderate Party. We aren’t the Conservative Party. We are Liberals. We are the Liberal Party. We believe in families - whatever their composition. Small and micro-businesses. For aspirational hard-working ‘forgotten people’ across the cities, suburbs, regions and in the bush."

Peter Dutton

Leader of the Opposition, Member for Dickson

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Values statement by the South Australian Liberal Parliamentary Team

Peter Dutton

Why is it important to understand
the SA Liberal Party’s values?

Our core values guide everything we do. They are the foundation of what we believe and what we stand for.

They reflect what is most important to us. They are not specific to one decision or policy — they determine our priorities and inform all of our decisions.

They shape and predict our beliefs, attitudes and behaviour at a personal, community and political level. They motivate us to get involved in particular activities and guide the choices we make in life.

Understanding the Liberal Party’s values enables you to make a more informed choice about which party or person to support.

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