Leah Blyth

Leah Blyth

  • Liberal Senate Candidate

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Leah Blyth for the Senate

About Leah

Leah Blyth is a Liberal Senate Candidate for South Australia.

Leah is an experienced education executive, wife, and mother of three children.

Leah will combine her executive experience, marketing skills and financial acumen to be an effective and passionate advocate for South Australia.

Leah’s parents and grandparents saw Australia as the land of opportunity. They moved from England, India and Burma to seek the freedom and prosperity that comes from hard work and personal responsibility.

Leah is a passionate advocate of excellence in education and wants to ensure Australia’s education system is world class. Leah has also been a strong advocate for the protection of women’s rights.

As a part of the Federal Liberal Team, Leah will help get Australia back on track.

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